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That’s International School

Hi readers. If you were wondering, where was me for these last 3 weeks? I was in my second practicum! Yey! I was being a student teacher in SPH Lippo Village Tangerang. The name is village, but it is so far away from the definition of “village.”

I was teaching Math for grade 6. Is it fun? Not really. But I have a lot of story to tell you.

When I was teaching, I gave this question to my students for an assignment. “Is it possible for a triangle to have 2 obtuse angle?” This was supposed to be easy, but I found an interesting answer.

“It cannot. I’ve tried it.”

I was confused how to grade this answer, but then I realized that she is just being innocent. If she killed a man, she’ll be like, “Oops…. Sorry….. I killed a man…. again.”

That’s actually an awesome answer. The others will answer based on their hypothesis of the theory. The others usually answer with, “because it will cause the total of the angle more than 180 degree” or “It wouldn’t be able to closed.” or else. In scientific method, after we make a hypothesis, we do experiment. In other word: We TRY it. So based on scientific method, that answer is way acceptable than the others.

Beside that answer, she provided a picture of her trial. She combined two obtuse angle and tried to have a triangle from those. Obviously she can’t make a triangle.

But Thomas Alva Edison  said,

I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

So what if this my little student is actually on her way to find a new invention in Math? What if actually with some proper formula, we can create a triangle with angles more than 180 degree. If it is possible, we can change the foundation of geometry and trigonometry. We change Math. We breaks the previous law and create a new law. Just like Einstein is completing what Newton have done, this invention can actually developing our knowledge and formula to conquer time-and-space continuum.

Another quote from Thomas Alva Edison:

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”

The world was believing that earth is flat, but after Galileo, Christopher Colombus, and 9gag proof it, now we know that the earth is round. Why? They are not giving up. Now, I am feeling so guilty. My little heart says, “Should I ask her to try it 9,999 times more?” “Did I just kill her potential to be a new inventor?”

Sometimes, teacher thinks that this kind of answer is ridiculous and says this answer is wrong. This could stop student to think critically. Indonesia will never be better if people keep banning kid’s creativity. Indonesia need this kind of thinker. Right? But sadly, she is Korean.

Being a teacher is crucial. You hold the future of the nation in your hand. Educate the kids well! Don’t give up being a teacher, it is fun!

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A (hopefully funny) Reflection of Education in Indonesia

Hi readers,

My seniors just came home from their internship. They were having internship in all around Indonesia. What kind of internship? Teaching, of course! Not selling Hotdog or Kebab.

I got a lot of story from them. They were enjoying it. Some of my seniors even get fat, including the one who got malaria in Papua. He is my close friend. The others ate local foods and got fat, but this friend of mine got some infusion and he also got fat. So, if you are skinny and you want to be fat as quick as possible, DRINK INFUSION. It has been proven.

Anyway. Now I don’t want to talk about food. I want to talk about the education. I have stated this idea last year in my faculty. But now, I want to share it with you. My main idea: No matter where the school is, whether at the city or in a remote area, Indonesia’s education need to be fixed.

In remote area:
The problems are obvious. But still I want to share it with you. First of all, the nature. Some school is hard to reach because there is no proper road to get there. Some of my seniors even had to come back earlier because smoke condition in Sumatra. For weeks they have to teach while wearing mask. Can you imagine you are thought by Darth Vader?


“ssshhh….. I am your teacher…. shhhh….” *turning on the lightsaber


Second problem is the learning motivation. In some area, students just don’t realize the importance of education. If we, as teacher ask, “Why do you go to school?” They will be like, “I… I don’t know… you tell me..” Then we ask their parents, “Why do you send your kids to our school?” They will be like, “I… I don’t know… you tell me.” “If you don’t know, don’t send your kids here!” “And who’s gonna pay you?”

(well, they nailed it)

But the thing is, they don’t realize the importance of education. They don’t know that if they don’t go to school, they can’t be developed. Some parents even dare to threat the school if they don’t pass the students. Parents in some area will be like, “If my son cannot pass your test, you cannot pass my judgement!” *turning on the lightsaber

In City:
The problem is different. We are facing post-modernism. Indonesian culture is being threatened by this ideology. We lost our culture, our Pancasila. For example, a lot of high school students had have free sex. This is wrong. I don’t care whether it is free or paid sex! as long as it is outside marriage, I am opposing it!

Addiction is a great enemy of education. S.A.D can lead you to addiction. you know S.A.D right? Sex, Alcohol, and Dota.

Addiction has no grey area. It is whether you are addicted, or you don’t do it at all. So it is a duty for teacher to prevent that happen to the students. And remember, addiction is only one of problems.


Being a teacher is hard. Be grateful for your teacher. Pray for them. And for teachers, let us teach more. Not only to make them better, but to glorify God. HAPPY NATIONAL TEACHERS’ DAY


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Cheating (ENGLISH)

Hi readers. Everybody is cheating. If you know someone that never cheat in his entire life, He must be a saint or a prophet. He must be in the same level with Paul, Peter, and Abraham.

I found a lot of people around me are cheating, especially, the sin generator: College Students! My classmates are cheater. I am telling you the truth. And I hate it. We want make our students understand math, but we reject to understand math. Well, it is similar with a girl that want to be a boy’s girlfriend. but when the boy ask her out, she says no. WHY???

This “homework” has become a “School Work” or even worse “Almost-Enter-The-Class-work.” What happen with your home? why don’t you do that homework at home? Is your home burnt down? if it is true, Is it everyday? Well, is that accident or is it your hobby to burn a house?

Can’t you feel the feeling of your “source”? Your beloved friend that you usually ask for the answer. He must be like, “I did it a whole night, and they just copy it? FOR REAL!!!!???” what if one day he becomes so evil? “Now, I will give them the wrong answer, and for myself, I will collect the right one. HUAHAHAHAHA!!!!!”

We need to find a perfect punishment to fix this bad habit. Well, this is not only teacher’s job, this is everyone job. So maybe school can cooperate with many aspects of student’s life. For example, when a student is caught cheating, His Clash of Clan’s Cash is reduced until 0. His instagram hacked, so his sleeping pic is leaked in public. then, he is forced to make a confessing snapchat with his crush. In that way, His teenager life will be ruined a bit.

Anyway, this is hard to deal with cheating. In the bible, there is no clear verse that ban cheating. God did not give the eleventh Commandment: Thou shall not cheat. no! So as a Christian, the only thing that we can do is give them example of an honest life and when they ask to copy your answer, charge them as much as they can pay. Give the money to the church. (Robin Hood Style)

HEHE…. (some people said that hehe is a gimmick that you make when you realized that you said some un-funny jokes)

So guys! Don’t cheat! Those who use cheat in game to defeat their friend are sinners!

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SPH Summer Program: 2nd Week

Hi readers.. It has been a week (maybe, i don’t really know) since my last post. But hey. If you remember my post about the SPH Summer Program, this is its second week.

The second week, we are still Me and Caydie, but the class changed into: Science Discovery! And we have an additional member: Jessie…. Woooooo!!!!! She is the daughter of someone important in SPH. (Yea. someone important. I don’t what is her position, but i do think she is important just like SPH cannot live without her) well, here is the pic:

Science Discovery (6)

Our team was great. I learned a lot from those pretty girls. Even though we were less prepared than the first week, we could finish the week very well. We did improvise a lot. If one day you have Caydie as your teacher, I am telling you: She is the master of improvise.

I had some of my first week students, plus some other students. They were cute. I loved them.

We found out that some students cannot speak English neither Bahasa. We were cool outside, but inside, we were freaking out! “How to deal with these kids?!! No one here speaks Korean!!!!” At one moment, Caydie talked to one of them (the most difficult) and both of them cried. Caydie needed to leave the class. I said, “Let me handle the class for you.” Such a lifesaver, wasn’t it? But in fact, I HAD NO IDEA!!! I tried to give the students some videos and some dance, and a little bit silly activity. It was working. When Caydie arrived, I told her, “I saved your life.” (It was totally badass!)

I missed my last week class. I met one of my ex-students. They called me, “Mr. Adit…” and then hug me. It touched my heart. But of course, I tried to look cool. I said, “Kay girl, I have things to do. See ya.” I couldn’t say, “I miss you too. ” It will drop my tears.

I had one girl in my class that is very funny. One day, Someone put a piano inside of our class. We told the students, “Don’t touch the piano.” then this girl came to the piano and touched it, then came to me and said, “I touched it!” I replied, “No! You cannot!” “But I did!” “Okay, from now, I am protecting that piano!” since that time, she is obsessed to touch that piano (to defeat me).

I learned a lot from this summer program. I think I will join the next summer program. Here, my favorite video for this week. While watching this video, one boy in my class was trying to pick a fight with me. “I AM THE REAL NINJA HERE! KID!”

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(Expensive) Highschool

Hello guys. This is me again. Most of you will ask me, where is “My Ex part 2?” Why are you so curious about my creepy past? If you want to hear about a sad story, just make it by yourself. Have a girlfriend, and then broke up with her. Simple!
This week I begin my first practicum. I am observing a teacher in SPH Kemang. Yeah guys. You should google that school. It is awesome!
The first impressions of my friends are: “Oh? You are in Kemang. Your English must be very good.” “Congratulations! You will meet some beautiful bule!” but my first opinion about being in Kemang was, “Sh*t! I’m must wake up earlier!”
The distance between Kemang and Karawaci is far enough. It needs an hour. So, I and my group departed from my dorm at 5 am (that is still dark). And you know what? Our driver is like old guy with scary face. In the car I thought, “I am kidnapped.”
Then, I arrived at SPH Kemang, a school behind a mall. In the front gate, guards (it is plural, they are many of them) opened our door and guided us in. I felt like in the movie when I have a business with Yakuza. There are so many guards everywhere.
Then we meet the boss and we deliver the package. And then we leave the building. Not for a long time, the building is exploded (I’m just kidding. Just skip this paragraph. It is lame).
I met a cozy teacher there named Mr. DJ. So he is like “3M – Male, Math, Music.” He is very genius. He is a big fan of pokemon. He usually gives a lame question for the last question of his test. Example: If you could change your name, what would it be? Why? If you could have a pokemon for a long life companion, what would it be? Why?
And I found something interesting. Half of the students there are Koreans. They live in Indonesia and adapt very well. The proof is, they already know and like Indomie. Most of them say that indomie is good and yummy. So, this is my suggestion for the government. We can defeat Koreans economy by exporting the Indomie there.
Anyway. SPH Kemang is very interesting. It makes me want to teach there when I’m graduated. I have one quote that I learned from my observation. Be honest. Do not be hypocrite. Do not become someone else to show your best. Be yourself and love everyone.
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