Hi readers, Did someone ever say happy birthday to you through your Facebook page? I don’t know how it is in your country. But in Indonesia, people are just screwed up in saying happy birthday. They would just come to your page and type: HBD. Today is my birthday, and I got a lot of … More HBD

Chinese + Christian

Hi readers, Gong Xi Fa Cai! Is this the correct pronunciation? I don’t know! Maybe yes, maybe no! I just want to say this to you who celebrate the Lunar New Year. For me, you are the real definition of Anti-Mainstream. Why? People are using Gregorian calendar, but you are still using the ancient calendar. … More Chinese + Christian

Come Back is Real!

Hi readers, actually I don’t know whether I using the title right or not. But this sentence is quite popular here. MKM is back!!!! Laugh to the world!!! I just finished my holiday and I got a bunch of experiences. I learnt a lot of things, from the corruption in education field, religion tolerance, whats … More Come Back is Real!

A (hopefully funny) Reflection of Education in Indonesia

Hi readers, My seniors just came home from their internship. They were having internship in all around Indonesia. What kind of internship? Teaching, of course! Not selling Hotdog or Kebab. I got a lot of story from them. They were enjoying it. Some of my seniors even get fat, including the one who got malaria … More A (hopefully funny) Reflection of Education in Indonesia