#MKMspoiler – Wonder Woman

Hi readers, it’s been a while since the last #MKMspoiler. Well, today MKM will give you the spoiler and review about Wonder Woman. Why in English? It is been a while also since the last English article. Now, let’s see the trailer first:

Anyway, Wonder Woman is having a good critics and rating so far. But personally, MKM kind of disagree. Well, let’s start with some positive things. First of all, Gal Gadot is stunning! No doubt! I think DC knows how to put girls in costume and make them gorgeous. First Margot Robbie, and now Gal Gadot. If you want to find your best Halloween girl, watch DC. Sorry Marvel, Sorry Scarlett Johansson.

The message of this movie is so strong. Unlike the previous movie (Suicide Squad and Batman V Superman), Wonder Woman movie gives the audience the message clearly. This movie is about how evil human is and how love can save the world. That is just beautiful.

Now, lets talk about Chris Pine. Don’t you think Chris Pine is too soft to be a soldier? He is handsome, body-ripped, but He doesn’t have the military face. Unlike Chris Evans in Captain America. “But he is not regular soldier, he is a spy.” Still…. This is world war 2, your face need to be more miserable than that.

I love how DC makes Diana Prince so innocent in this movie. But, the jokes in the boat scene between Diana and Steve, I think it just doesn’t work. Other than that, funny!

All the battle scene is great. BUT! The last battle with Ares is overly animated. DC did the same mistake as they did in Batman V Superman. DC could really learn from Marvel’s Guardians of The Galaxy how to display a battle between Alien/God/Mutant/Whataver. And I think, the front line scene is well-presented. The scene of Wonder Woman and her Shield, overly animated, but okay.

Ares personality is confusing! What is his motivation? To make Zeus realize that he is doing something wrong? Zeus is dead! Yeah, Zeus is our God in this universe. Why Ares bother to invite Diana to join him? Why? What is his ultimate goal? To ruin the world? Without his help, HE KNOWS that human will eventually destroy earth.

The goal of the villain is very important. If not, then the movie will be very cliché. There is a supervillain, then superhero kill him. Very cliché. Although, MKM loves how this movie conceal the identity and existence of Ares until the battle. For MKM, the moment Ares reveals his identity, it is kind of déjà vu with Harry Potter-Prisoner of Azkaban.

Well, overall, the plot is predictable. Maybe because we knows that World War 2 is over and we knows that Wonder Woman will be alive for next movies. It is taking so much time introducing the Amazons tribe, and…. They are not coming back on screen until the end. Just a waste of cuts.

And MKM hates the inconsistency. In Batman V Superman, we got so much easter eggs for Justice League. In Suicide Squad, we know that Harley Quinn and Joker is on the loose. But here, we got zero clue about the upcoming movie. Well, easter eggs and post credits are how to keep your audience watch your next movie, so… actually it is okay if you don’t watch this movie and jump to the Justice League. You can still keep up with the story.

But again. Wonder Woman is a new hero. And we deserve her. Thanks DC.


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