Hi readers, the hardest part of being expelled is admitting that you are expelled. It is a shame. And yes. I was ashamed. But now, I can be proud of it. Why? Because believe it or not, history is written by Drop Out people.

Thomas Alva Edison, Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Sujiwo Tejo. Those people were expelled. But look at what they did to the world. They change the world. SO I strongly believe that my drop out experience is like an open gate…..

(from my family. My dad will be like, “You are expelled?! Such a shame! Get out from my house!” “But daddy… this is not even your house! Remember, your salary can’t afford a house!” “Come back here you son of a bitch!” “So that’s the reason you divorce?”)

Well. Not exactly like that, but let me emphasize once again: my experience is an open gate. I can be like them. Basically by drop out, I accomplished the first step to change the world. What I need next are just determination, hard work, and funny materials.

My dream was to be a great teacher. But now, I change my mind. I don’t want to be a great teacher. I want to be a legend. I want people to weep on my death. I want to have a movie about my biography. And I want that movie get some Oscars in best picture and best actress. Because in the story, I was marrying Scarlet Johansen. And my death make her a real widow.

Did I dream too much? NO! this is why I want to change Indonesian’s Educations. We killed a lot of dreams. We told our kids to be realistic. But we don’t teach them how to be themselves. We push them to be rich and survive in world no matter what they want. Share this article if you think you took a wrong college major.

Don’t blame your parents. It is on us. Our balls is too small to have a dream.

Anyway, It is not just me. You too can change the world. Have a big dream! Have a big determination! Have a courage to take the path! Start with a simple thing. Try D.O!


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