#PPL_Challenge Day 11 – Philosophy of Dab

Hi readers. So today is the day of Synchronized Walking Competition on my place of practicum. Here is the article. And, I am so proud of them.

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In our last pose, we did dab. You know, the movement which is very happening these days. Of course, when it comes to taking pictures, we did dab again. But, one of the teacher there ask me, “What is this? Don’t do something that you don’t know the meaning.”

And I was like “Chill! This is just a dab!” (in my mind, of course)

But, that teacher was right actually. So I did some research about dab. So dab is actually nothing. Like literally nothing. Just a dance move which some athlete used it for their celebration. Here is the link.

Here is google’s definition about dab:


So this is just another style of taking pictures beside “peace”, “thumbs up”, and “using snapchat dog filter”.

Winning something, and dab about it is so fun. But of course one day dab will be replaced with something else. So, lets find another trend with a great meaning. Like peace sign for peace of the world.

But you know what, Batara Kala (A monster from Javanese myth) did Peace before it was cool. Just like girls nowadays.



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