Hi readers, do you ever think that your life is so screwed up? But maybe you are not screwed enough compares to other people. How do we define screwed up? What is the standard of screwed up? Let me share to you: Screwed-up-o-meter. These are questions to measure your level of screwed up.

  1. What is left with you?
    If you are having a big problem but you still can go to some drinks, you are not screwed up. You still have money with you. If you still have friends with you, be grateful. You are not facing this alone. If you still have your clothes with you, you are officially not screwed up (I just read that screwed up also means perverted/raped).
  2. Who makes you screwed?
    If you are screwed by your beloved one, you are really screwed up. But if you are screwed by your girlfriend, your are not screwed up. It is your own fault, why are you dating her in the first place? Basically, if you are screwed by your own fault, it is not screwed up. You are just stupid. If you are screwed by your own fault consecutively, you are simply retarded.
  3. Where is your dignity?
    Can you face the public after that disaster? If people ask “what happened?” can you give them some reasonable answer? If you are totally humiliated, full of shame, and no one wants you, you fulfill the criteria of screwed up. But if you can lie to others, “I’m strong” (like girls usually do), don’t you ever consider yourself as screwed. You are just weak liar.
  4. When is the due for the solution?
    If you still have time to make it right, stop complaining! Do something! If the death is already sentenced to you, then congratulations, you are screwed up. As long as there is time, even just a flash, there is something can be done. Don’t give up. Don’t be panic. Don’t be stupid.
  5. Why are you still alive?
    Do you still have reason to be alive? If there is a reason, fight for it. Don’t give up. Life may screwed you up, but you are stronger than this. But sometimes, the only reason you are alive now is to be dead soon. So, die in the right time, dude. And please, die in style.
  6. How are other people around you?
    Can you find people that more screwed up than you. If there is one, then you are not screwed up enough. You are not in the highest level of screwed up. If you are not, then what’s the point of being screwed up? Your story will be forgotten. Your options are only being the most screwed up person in the world, or try to fix it.

Here is the thing guys. Don’t come up easily with the conclusion: I am screwed up. Instead, try to think of everything to make it better. Win this battle. Like Jesus. He fulfilled all the criteria of screwed up, but he wins!



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