Hi readers. It has been so long. Well, busy will always be my reason. It is hard to be professional writer. Writing needs mood and dedication. I am trying my best to achieve that level.

Here is my story. First, I performed at Teater Jakarta. wooohoooo…. The play was: Dunia Maia. I acted as a drug junkie (kind of like that). Dunia Maia was a fantasy story that remind us to be optimistic and forgiving. It takes a lot of emotion and energy to be the part of Dunia Maia.

This was Nause (me):


bonus, this is me with my lovely girlfriend:



and then, I helped my faculty to held a graduation. It was exhausting. I had no good sleep for days. this was me back then:


So, that is my dorm. and I was working on some videos.

And… I (had to) join an International Conference of Higher Education. Well, it was fun. But I love the previous conference which was two years ago.

Now, I hope i can write properly again. This blog is part of myself after all.


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