Solving Problem which is Involving Girls

Hi readers, especially boys, having a problem with girls is sucks. As boys, it is our responsibility to solve that problem. It seems hard. It seems difficult. Girls are complicated. I know. But in this article, I want to help you to solve your problem with girls. How to solve a problem when it is involving girls?

The answer is No, You Can’t. It is unsolvable. Face it. Girls are not creature that created to solve problem. They are procrastinators in solving problem. “I hate that girl. She is annoying.” “Tell her….” “Nah, I’m good…”

But In the other hand, boys are trouble-maker. They love swearing. Every time they find their friend, they mock each other. And they are doing it, for no reason at all. No hatred, No revenge, No such thing, just for fun.

In this world, boys are barbaric and girls are fragile. And you still hope that boys and girls can live happily ever after? There is no such thing as happy marriage. It is either they don’t talk about the problem or they don’t talk. Because when it comes to talking about the problem, the problem will get bigger. So, yeah. We just cannot solve the problem. Don’t you even dream about it.

I think Catholic is a great religion. It has a solution for this problem. Be a monk! You can avoid girl plus you get one ticket to heaven. But a lot of people refuse to be a monk. The question is, why did you refuse this kind of luxury?

I write this article to invite you, all of you to be a monk. If one day you have a problem with your spouse, this article will help you to strengthen your regret and pain.

This is not a threat, this is friendly reminder.


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