Hi readers, Did someone ever say happy birthday to you through your Facebook page? I don’t know how it is in your country. But in Indonesia, people are just screwed up in saying happy birthday. They would just come to your page and type: HBD.

Today is my birthday, and I got a lot of those:



Well, what is the difficulty of writing the full sentence? Happy Birthday! It wont hurt you. I am not sure these people really care, or they just see the Facebook notification and thought, “I should pity him.”

There is a long version of this: HBD, WYATB, GBU. This stands for: Happy Birthday, Wish You All The Best, God Bless You. This is actually beautiful. But when you use the short one, It makes you look like a baby with a broken keyboard. Typing random thing with caps.

The truth is, some people actually don’t know the real birthday of their friends. They just know it from Facebook notification. So you can try this: Change your birthday date in Facebook and find your true friends.

Birthday wishes are prayers. If you don’t really want to say something, just don’t bother to do it. Sometimes it is annoying. So, please, have a good wish for your friend. Love you.

Thanks for your wishes anyway.


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