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Hi readers. If you were wondering, where was me for these last 3 weeks? I was in my second practicum! Yey! I was being a student teacher in SPH Lippo Village Tangerang. The name is village, but it is so far away from the definition of “village.”

I was teaching Math for grade 6. Is it fun? Not really. But I have a lot of story to tell you.

When I was teaching, I gave this question to my students for an assignment. “Is it possible for a triangle to have 2 obtuse angle?” This was supposed to be easy, but I found an interesting answer.

“It cannot. I’ve tried it.”

I was confused how to grade this answer, but then I realized that she is just being innocent. If she killed a man, she’ll be like, “Oops…. Sorry….. I killed a man…. again.”

That’s actually an awesome answer. The others will answer based on their hypothesis of the theory. The others usually answer with, “because it will cause the total of the angle more than 180 degree” or “It wouldn’t be able to closed.” or else. In scientific method, after we make a hypothesis, we do experiment. In other word: We TRY it. So based on scientific method, that answer is way acceptable than the others.

Beside that answer, she provided a picture of her trial. She combined two obtuse angle and tried to have a triangle from those. Obviously she can’t make a triangle.

But Thomas Alva Edison  said,

I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

So what if this my little student is actually on her way to find a new invention in Math? What if actually with some proper formula, we can create a triangle with angles more than 180 degree. If it is possible, we can change the foundation of geometry and trigonometry. We change Math. We breaks the previous law and create a new law. Just like Einstein is completing what Newton have done, this invention can actually developing our knowledge and formula to conquer time-and-space continuum.

Another quote from Thomas Alva Edison:

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”

The world was believing that earth is flat, but after Galileo, Christopher Colombus, and 9gag proof it, now we know that the earth is round. Why? They are not giving up. Now, I am feeling so guilty. My little heart says, “Should I ask her to try it 9,999 times more?” “Did I just kill her potential to be a new inventor?”

Sometimes, teacher thinks that this kind of answer is ridiculous and says this answer is wrong. This could stop student to think critically. Indonesia will never be better if people keep banning kid’s creativity. Indonesia need this kind of thinker. Right? But sadly, she is Korean.

Being a teacher is crucial. You hold the future of the nation in your hand. Educate the kids well! Don’t give up being a teacher, it is fun!

#ShareTheLove #Shalom1Jiwa


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