Come Back is Real!

Hi readers, actually I don’t know whether I using the title right or not. But this sentence is quite popular here.

MKM is back!!!! Laugh to the world!!!

I just finished my holiday and I got a bunch of experiences. I learnt a lot of things, from the corruption in education field, religion tolerance, whats going on with Indonesian TVs, etc. One thing in common: People are sucks. They are theoretically educated, but wont educate. three strong power that can move people to do anything: Emotion, Money, Dick.

We need to admit it! our generation is broken. it seems like there is no hope for this generation.

But there is hope.

Let us be the hope. For this year, MKM will really concern with this hashtag: #ShareTheLove. The world needs love. To be able to defeat people’s stupidity, the world needs to teach them with love. I invite all of you to share your love. Make others laugh with your love.

I will write about these in detail later. Ooops, maybe, after this, mostly my article will be in English. So brace yourself.

The world will hate you, but dont hate the world.



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