A (hopefully funny) Reflection of Education in Indonesia

Hi readers,

My seniors just came home from their internship. They were having internship in all around Indonesia. What kind of internship? Teaching, of course! Not selling Hotdog or Kebab.

I got a lot of story from them. They were enjoying it. Some of my seniors even get fat, including the one who got malaria in Papua. He is my close friend. The others ate local foods and got fat, but this friend of mine got some infusion and he also got fat. So, if you are skinny and you want to be fat as quick as possible, DRINK INFUSION. It has been proven.

Anyway. Now I don’t want to talk about food. I want to talk about the education. I have stated this idea last year in my faculty. But now, I want to share it with you. My main idea: No matter where the school is, whether at the city or in a remote area, Indonesia’s education need to be fixed.

In remote area:
The problems are obvious. But still I want to share it with you. First of all, the nature. Some school is hard to reach because there is no proper road to get there. Some of my seniors even had to come back earlier because smoke condition in Sumatra. For weeks they have to teach while wearing mask. Can you imagine you are thought by Darth Vader?


“ssshhh….. I am your teacher…. shhhh….” *turning on the lightsaber


Second problem is the learning motivation. In some area, students just don’t realize the importance of education. If we, as teacher ask, “Why do you go to school?” They will be like, “I… I don’t know… you tell me..” Then we ask their parents, “Why do you send your kids to our school?” They will be like, “I… I don’t know… you tell me.” “If you don’t know, don’t send your kids here!” “And who’s gonna pay you?”

(well, they nailed it)

But the thing is, they don’t realize the importance of education. They don’t know that if they don’t go to school, they can’t be developed. Some parents even dare to threat the school if they don’t pass the students. Parents in some area will be like, “If my son cannot pass your test, you cannot pass my judgement!” *turning on the lightsaber

In City:
The problem is different. We are facing post-modernism. Indonesian culture is being threatened by this ideology. We lost our culture, our Pancasila. For example, a lot of high school students had have free sex. This is wrong. I don’t care whether it is free or paid sex! as long as it is outside marriage, I am opposing it!

Addiction is a great enemy of education. S.A.D can lead you to addiction. you know S.A.D right? Sex, Alcohol, and Dota.

Addiction has no grey area. It is whether you are addicted, or you don’t do it at all. So it is a duty for teacher to prevent that happen to the students. And remember, addiction is only one of problems.


Being a teacher is hard. Be grateful for your teacher. Pray for them. And for teachers, let us teach more. Not only to make them better, but to glorify God. HAPPY NATIONAL TEACHERS’ DAY


#ShareTheLove #Shalom1Jiwa


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