MKM and Falling in Love (ENGLISH)

Hi guys. It has been a long way, without you my friend….. (Don’t sing! you fool!) It has been so long from my latest post. Well, a lot of things happened. But hey, I am here. Let’s talk about something that disturb us, falling in love.

You just cannot reject the feeling bruh! You just cannot kill it. And once you get it, you become dumb. Like:

“Here… I have a great idea for our next projects. Lets combine kung-fu, math, and music. What’s on your mind?”



“Together with her?”


People are easy to be falling in love. In Bahasa Indonesia we have term: BaPer (Bawa Perasaan – Too sensitive and overly reacted). People are so baper. Boy and girl, just be friend for a while, the girl thinks that the boys like her, so she does too. WHY?

Too much drama in our life, ladies and gentlemen. We don’t know what love is, but still we fall in love. For me, the real love is Batman (I wanna say Jesus, but in case some of you are atheist, so…. ). Look at Batman. He sacrifices everything He had for Gotham. Everything including his pride, his life, his woman, his treasure, EVERYTHING. So, if you want to ask someone out, don’t say, “I love you.” but say, “I am your Batman.”

By falling in love, we are often dreaming something that will never happen. And sometimes it is disgusting. We imagine that we can talk with her/him everywhere. In our room, street, table, toilet, kitchen, backyard, prison, police office, everywhere.

Sometimes, we don’t want to fall in love, but we did. We just cannot control our mind with this thing. So here is from me, steps to stop falling in love.

Step 1. Die


#Shalom1Jiwa #ShareTheLove


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