Cheating (ENGLISH)

Hi readers. Everybody is cheating. If you know someone that never cheat in his entire life, He must be a saint or a prophet. He must be in the same level with Paul, Peter, and Abraham.

I found a lot of people around me are cheating, especially, the sin generator: College Students! My classmates are cheater. I am telling you the truth. And I hate it. We want make our students understand math, but we reject to understand math. Well, it is similar with a girl that want to be a boy’s girlfriend. but when the boy ask her out, she says no. WHY???

This “homework” has become a “School Work” or even worse “Almost-Enter-The-Class-work.” What happen with your home? why don’t you do that homework at home? Is your home burnt down? if it is true, Is it everyday? Well, is that accident or is it your hobby to burn a house?

Can’t you feel the feeling of your “source”? Your beloved friend that you usually ask for the answer. He must be like, “I did it a whole night, and they just copy it? FOR REAL!!!!???” what if one day he becomes so evil? “Now, I will give them the wrong answer, and for myself, I will collect the right one. HUAHAHAHAHA!!!!!”

We need to find a perfect punishment to fix this bad habit. Well, this is not only teacher’s job, this is everyone job. So maybe school can cooperate with many aspects of student’s life. For example, when a student is caught cheating, His Clash of Clan’s Cash is reduced until 0. His instagram hacked, so his sleeping pic is leaked in public. then, he is forced to make a confessing snapchat with his crush. In that way, His teenager life will be ruined a bit.

Anyway, this is hard to deal with cheating. In the bible, there is no clear verse that ban cheating. God did not give the eleventh Commandment: Thou shall not cheat. no! So as a Christian, the only thing that we can do is give them example of an honest life and when they ask to copy your answer, charge them as much as they can pay. Give the money to the church. (Robin Hood Style)

HEHE…. (some people said that hehe is a gimmick that you make when you realized that you said some un-funny jokes)

So guys! Don’t cheat! Those who use cheat in game to defeat their friend are sinners!

#Shalom1Jiwa #ShareTheLove

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