How to have a good racism

Hey readers. I think being racist is normal in this post-modern world. But the shape of racism these days are different than Nelson Mandela’s time. In the past, racism is due to political issue. Now, we are being racist because it is fun. Now I will teach you how to have a good racism.

1 Don’t be racist to strangers
You need to befriend with that person first. Don’t make people feel offended by your words. Be nice. Smile. If you shout, “Hey ASIAN!!!” to stranger, he will likely shout back to you with anger, “I am BLACK!!! YOU BLIND!!!”

2 Don’t judge people based on stereotype
Not all black people are stupid and rude. Not all Asian are good at math. Not all Javanese people are polite. NO! (especially the last one). Know the people who you want to be racist at before.

3 Be ready to take any response from them
Maybe they will be racist to you too. Or maybe you and him are in the same race, then he will invite you to have dinner. Just be ready. We will never know.

4 Be proud of yourself
Whatever your race is, you are precious. You are not a second class citizens or else. You are you, God’s most wonderful creation. Don’t be shy if you are black. Look upon the future, even though your eyes are barely opened.

So, what is racism now? Racism is the condition when you accept your neighbor as the same human. Treat them like you want to be treated. Lets learn from another culture. MKM believes if everyone would learn from Chinese people, we could find the cure for cancer, because Chinese medication is extremely recommended.  MKM believes if everyone would learn from Papua people, the world would never afraid of Global warming, because we know how to protect the nature.

Lets befriend, Lets love each other.

#Shalom1Jiwa #ShareTheLove


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