SPH Summer Program: 2nd Week

Hi readers.. It has been a week (maybe, i don’t really know) since my last post. But hey. If you remember my post about the SPH Summer Program, this is its second week.

The second week, we are still Me and Caydie, but the class changed into: Science Discovery! And we have an additional member: Jessie…. Woooooo!!!!! She is the daughter of someone important in SPH. (Yea. someone important. I don’t what is her position, but i do think she is important just like SPH cannot live without her) well, here is the pic:

Science Discovery (6)

Our team was great. I learned a lot from those pretty girls. Even though we were less prepared than the first week, we could finish the week very well. We did improvise a lot. If one day you have Caydie as your teacher, I am telling you: She is the master of improvise.

I had some of my first week students, plus some other students. They were cute. I loved them.

We found out that some students cannot speak English neither Bahasa. We were cool outside, but inside, we were freaking out! “How to deal with these kids?!! No one here speaks Korean!!!!” At one moment, Caydie talked to one of them (the most difficult) and both of them cried. Caydie needed to leave the class. I said, “Let me handle the class for you.” Such a lifesaver, wasn’t it? But in fact, I HAD NO IDEA!!! I tried to give the students some videos and some dance, and a little bit silly activity. It was working. When Caydie arrived, I told her, “I saved your life.” (It was totally badass!)

I missed my last week class. I met one of my ex-students. They called me, “Mr. Adit…” and then hug me. It touched my heart. But of course, I tried to look cool. I said, “Kay girl, I have things to do. See ya.” I couldn’t say, “I miss you too. ” It will drop my tears.

I had one girl in my class that is very funny. One day, Someone put a piano inside of our class. We told the students, “Don’t touch the piano.” then this girl came to the piano and touched it, then came to me and said, “I touched it!” I replied, “No! You cannot!” “But I did!” “Okay, from now, I am protecting that piano!” since that time, she is obsessed to touch that piano (to defeat me).

I learned a lot from this summer program. I think I will join the next summer program. Here, my favorite video for this week. While watching this video, one boy in my class was trying to pick a fight with me. “I AM THE REAL NINJA HERE! KID!”

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