SPH Summer Program: 1st week

Hi readers. Maybe some of you are wondering, “What the heck is MKM doing? Why on earth he is not posting anything yet?” (maybe. i am not sure I have that kind of readers, fans, or whatever….). anyway, since last monday I am helping for the Sekolah Pelita Harapan’s Summer Program. And now I want to tell you about the first week.

In the first briefing of this program, I thought I will teach mid-school or High-school. But turns out, I am teaching grade 1. ELEMENTARY SCHOOL!!! ladies and gentlemen!!!! This is bad.

My class name is Math is Fun. But I am not alone. I have a partner. More precisely, She has me as her partner. Her name is Caydie Schaeffer. It is not Kay-Die (Okay, I Die)…. it is more like Kay Dee… And yea… Because of her, I didn’t “Die” in the middle of those kids.

In the first day, I was like, “I don’t know what should I do with these kids…” I helped them to understand what Caydie said. Then slowly, I began to like them. They are so cute. They melt my heart.

I have this one girl in my class. She loves to tell some stories to their friend. One day, She taught me some Mandarin. She was like, “Mr Adit… You know what? I am learning mandarin in my home. I know Zàijiàn. Zàijiàn means goodbye. And Yú. Yú means fish.” And I replied, “So, Zàijiàn Yú means Bye-bye fish?” And then she laughed with her adorable face.

Well, sometimes she can be scary. One day she tell Caydie, “Ms. Caydie… You know what? I have a bunny inside of me…” And Caydie was confused and said, “Okay…. that’s… um… cute….”

I have this boy also. Caydie always reminds them three things to do in the break time: Go to the toilet, Fill the water bottle, and Eat the food. What Caydie means is that the students cannot do those in the class. But this boy came to the class in the middle of the break time and told us, “Ms Caydie, I am not filling my water bottle, because it is already full.” and then we answered, “Okay….”

Kids are funny. Except when they are fighting. It makes me sad and confused. One day, I was in duty to watch them in playground. They was playing soccer using some coconut seed (Or some brown matter, well, I don’t know what is that, but I know it is not a grenade). One of them was tripped. Then of course… they were fighting. And I ran into them as fast as I could even though my mind was like, “What am I suppose to do???!!! Jesus! Help me!” And somehow, I can calmed them down and made them back to their class.

Helping in this class is forcing me to dance a lot. My class love Pop See Ko dance so much. They can do it for 5 times a day. Were they tired? YES!!! But did they want to stop? NO!!! Well, kids love to dance and play. One day they had a game to make their own market. We gave them fake money. They had a lot of fun selling their stuffs. One group even gave me a fake credit card, which is awesome. I love these kids.

Next week, We will change our class become “Science Discovery!” So, some of them will move to another class, and we will have some additional members. I can’t wait for the next week.

#ShareTheLove #Shalom1Jiwa

I have the pic. here:

Math is Fun (3)

Do I look nice? Nope? fine!


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