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SPH Summer Program: 2nd Week

Hi readers.. It has been a week (maybe, i don’t really know) since my last post. But hey. If you remember my post about the SPH Summer Program, this is its second week.

The second week, we are still Me and Caydie, but the class changed into: Science Discovery! And we have an additional member: Jessie…. Woooooo!!!!! She is the daughter of someone important in SPH. (Yea. someone important. I don’t what is her position, but i do think she is important just like SPH cannot live without her) well, here is the pic:

Science Discovery (6)

Our team was great. I learned a lot from those pretty girls. Even though we were less prepared than the first week, we could finish the week very well. We did improvise a lot. If one day you have Caydie as your teacher, I am telling you: She is the master of improvise.

I had some of my first week students, plus some other students. They were cute. I loved them.

We found out that some students cannot speak English neither Bahasa. We were cool outside, but inside, we were freaking out! “How to deal with these kids?!! No one here speaks Korean!!!!” At one moment, Caydie talked to one of them (the most difficult) and both of them cried. Caydie needed to leave the class. I said, “Let me handle the class for you.” Such a lifesaver, wasn’t it? But in fact, I HAD NO IDEA!!! I tried to give the students some videos and some dance, and a little bit silly activity. It was working. When Caydie arrived, I told her, “I saved your life.” (It was totally badass!)

I missed my last week class. I met one of my ex-students. They called me, “Mr. Adit…” and then hug me. It touched my heart. But of course, I tried to look cool. I said, “Kay girl, I have things to do. See ya.” I couldn’t say, “I miss you too. ” It will drop my tears.

I had one girl in my class that is very funny. One day, Someone put a piano inside of our class. We told the students, “Don’t touch the piano.” then this girl came to the piano and touched it, then came to me and said, “I touched it!” I replied, “No! You cannot!” “But I did!” “Okay, from now, I am protecting that piano!” since that time, she is obsessed to touch that piano (to defeat me).

I learned a lot from this summer program. I think I will join the next summer program. Here, my favorite video for this week. While watching this video, one boy in my class was trying to pick a fight with me. “I AM THE REAL NINJA HERE! KID!”

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Kita butuh lagu anak

Hi readers. Kalian punya adik yang masih usia SD atau kurang? anak mungkin? cucu? coba tanya apa lagu favorit mereka! Pasti bukan lagu anak-anak. Pasti lagu murahan yang sering didengungkan di TV sebagai soundtrack sinetron yang biasa ditonton para pembantu.

MKM sih waktu masih TK, idola MKM adalah Joshua. Walaupun kalo didenger lagi lagunya agak aneh. Misalnya lagu Kapal Terbang. Liriknya gini: “Cita-citaku ingin jadi profesor, bikin pesawat terbang, kubuat sendiri. Kalo bisa terbang kubawa mama ke pasar. Kalo bisa terbang kubawa papa ke kantor.” Ini kan ngeselin. buat nganterin mamanya ke pasar aja, dia harus ke bandara dulu, naik pesawat, terbang rendah, waktu udah nyampe pasar mamanya disuruh terjun bebas. Trus udah deket kantor bapaknya, bapaknya dikirim pake misil.

well, anak jaman sekarang gak akan tahu siapa itu Susan dan Kak Ria. Anak jaman sekarang gak akan tahu kalo Bondan Prakoso pernah punya lagu berjudul lumba-lumba. Anak sekarang juga gak tahu kalo Papa Mama nya mungkin nyesel dulu pernah ngefans sama Kangen Band, Wali, dan Armada.

Ini adalah yang MKM dapatkan dari SPH Summer Program. MKM menemukan satu website yang isinya lagu-lagu yang gak cuma bisa dinyanyikan di kelas, tapi seru juga buat dibawa ke rumah. Pertama kali MKM dan Caydie tunjukin lagu-lagu ini ke anak-anak, mereka langsung ketagihan. ini salah satunya:

Kalian sadar gak sih? sekarang kita udah gak punya lagu anak-anak lagi. Itulah dia, menurut MKM penting banget buat para musisi menciptakan lagu buat anak, gak cuma memenuhi kebutuhan pasar yang isinya semua anak-anak alay. Bahkan pengamen yang anak kecil aja lagunya pake lagu Kotak-Pelan Pelan Saja. Lu yang masih SD udah punya mantan dek? bahkan kini ada Mahasiswa semester akhir yang belum ngerasain pacaran!!!!

anyway. Lagu itu MKM peroleh dari website bernama gonoodle. Isinya emang video buat kelas sih. Dan menurutku, Indonesia kudu punya banyak video kayak begini yang bahasa Indonesia. Indo emang udah punya sih, tapi bikinnya asal-asalan. gak serius. coba liat video-video di website ini. klik di sini untuk menuju websitenya.

GN_10783246_GoNoodle Stickers_V2.indd

Untuk menyelamatkan masa depan, kita harus menyelamatkan generasi masa depan. Kita butuh lagu yang membuat mental mereka jadi penuh semangat, bukan putus asa gara-gara ditinggal cinta.

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SPH Summer Program: 1st week

Hi readers. Maybe some of you are wondering, “What the heck is MKM doing? Why on earth he is not posting anything yet?” (maybe. i am not sure I have that kind of readers, fans, or whatever….). anyway, since last monday I am helping for the Sekolah Pelita Harapan’s Summer Program. And now I want to tell you about the first week.

In the first briefing of this program, I thought I will teach mid-school or High-school. But turns out, I am teaching grade 1. ELEMENTARY SCHOOL!!! ladies and gentlemen!!!! This is bad.

My class name is Math is Fun. But I am not alone. I have a partner. More precisely, She has me as her partner. Her name is Caydie Schaeffer. It is not Kay-Die (Okay, I Die)…. it is more like Kay Dee… And yea… Because of her, I didn’t “Die” in the middle of those kids.

In the first day, I was like, “I don’t know what should I do with these kids…” I helped them to understand what Caydie said. Then slowly, I began to like them. They are so cute. They melt my heart.

I have this one girl in my class. She loves to tell some stories to their friend. One day, She taught me some Mandarin. She was like, “Mr Adit… You know what? I am learning mandarin in my home. I know Zàijiàn. Zàijiàn means goodbye. And Yú. Yú means fish.” And I replied, “So, Zàijiàn Yú means Bye-bye fish?” And then she laughed with her adorable face.

Well, sometimes she can be scary. One day she tell Caydie, “Ms. Caydie… You know what? I have a bunny inside of me…” And Caydie was confused and said, “Okay…. that’s… um… cute….”

I have this boy also. Caydie always reminds them three things to do in the break time: Go to the toilet, Fill the water bottle, and Eat the food. What Caydie means is that the students cannot do those in the class. But this boy came to the class in the middle of the break time and told us, “Ms Caydie, I am not filling my water bottle, because it is already full.” and then we answered, “Okay….”

Kids are funny. Except when they are fighting. It makes me sad and confused. One day, I was in duty to watch them in playground. They was playing soccer using some coconut seed (Or some brown matter, well, I don’t know what is that, but I know it is not a grenade). One of them was tripped. Then of course… they were fighting. And I ran into them as fast as I could even though my mind was like, “What am I suppose to do???!!! Jesus! Help me!” And somehow, I can calmed them down and made them back to their class.

Helping in this class is forcing me to dance a lot. My class love Pop See Ko dance so much. They can do it for 5 times a day. Were they tired? YES!!! But did they want to stop? NO!!! Well, kids love to dance and play. One day they had a game to make their own market. We gave them fake money. They had a lot of fun selling their stuffs. One group even gave me a fake credit card, which is awesome. I love these kids.

Next week, We will change our class become “Science Discovery!” So, some of them will move to another class, and we will have some additional members. I can’t wait for the next week.

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I have the pic. here:

Math is Fun (3)

Do I look nice? Nope? fine!

Penyembah Golongan Darah

Hi readers. Tahukah kamu kalau golongan darah O punya keistimewaan yaitu dia bukan golongan darah A, B, ataupun AB? Golongan darah O juga punya kecenderungan berdarah kalau tangannya disilet. Gitu aja terus sampe Indonesia menang piala dunia.


Sekarang postingan tentang golongan darah lagi menjamur. Ada yang bilang golongan darah A adalah orang-orang yang gak suka dibohongi. Ya semua orang gitu keleus! Emang ada orang yang dibohongin malah nagih? “Eh, kemarin aku dibohongin kamu, otot-ototku langsung lega semua. Bohongin aku lagi dong….”

What the….

Anyway. Menurut MKM, postingan ini muncul karena beberapa hal. Pertama, banyak orang yang pingin dirinya dimengerti tapi gak tau harus ngapain. Akhirnya dia ngepost atas nama golongan darah untuk memberi kode pada orang lain bagaimana cara mengerti dirinya. Tapi ada juga orang yang ngepost tentang golongan darah tertentu, padahal golongan darahnya bukan itu. Iyalah, dia adminnya.

well. Kalau kau ingin dimengerti, cobalah untuk mengerti orang lain terlebih dahulu. Sama seperti kalau kau ingin dihormati, hormati orang lain dulu. Lakukan pada orang lain apa yang kamu harapkan orang lain lakukan padamu. Apa yang kamu tabur, itu yang kamu tuai. Gak mungkin kamu menabur jagung, tapi keluarnya cabe. cabenya pendek-pendek, item, satu tangkai cabenya tiga. cabe-cabean banget.

Kedua, status-status ini adalah pengganti dari status seperti: “curahan hati wanita”,”dunia wanita”, dsb. status beginian itu sama. Ini itu kode buat para cowo gimana buat ngertiin cewe nya. Tapi kan cowo gak peka. cewe majang status golongan darah, zodiak, isi hati cewe, apapun, cowo pasti mikirnya, “wah aku pacaran sama anak alay.”

Kalo kalian mau dimengerti sama pacar kalian, ya komunikasi. nanti kalo udah nikah, kalian gak mungkin kan menyelesaikannya pake kode di twitter. Seenggaknya, sekarang kalian harus saling belajar. Minimal kalo pingin kode, kasih kode yang udah disepakati bersama. Misalnya kode morse. udah disepakati bersama secara internasional.

Terakhir, status begini mirip banget sama status zodiak atau shio. Dulu orang bisa memprediksi sifat seseorang lewat zodiak/shio (walaupun MKM gak pernah percaya). Tapi zodiak itu asalnya dari kepercayaan yunani, sedangkan shio dari kepercayaan cina. Jangan-jangan golongan darah ini juga asalnya dari sebuah kepercayaan. Sekte penyembah golongan darah.

MKM curiga pendirinya adalah bang Rhoma Irama. Karena lagunya bang Rhoma, bisa dijadikan lagu rohani kepercayaan ini. “Darah muda… ”

Bahkan ada di lagunya liriknya begini, “Masa muda, masa yang berapi-api.” hampir setiap agama punya ritual yang melibatkan remaja dan api. Contohnya Orang Katolik, komuni pertama waktu muda, lalu didupai dengan dupa yang dibakar.

So, there are some prophecies. there are also rituals. then MKM believes that “Sekte Penyembah Golongan Darah” is exist in this world.


jangan percaya apa yang dikatakan postingan golongan darah tentang dirimu. Kamu bisa jadi dirimu sendiri yang terbaik.

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Kuliah lama

Hi readers, kalian punya gak temen yang kuliahnya lama banget. Saking lamanya, yang geser toganya dia itu dajjal, barengan ama dunia kiamat.

Salah satu alasan yang jadi alasan umum adalah: masih menikmati masa kuliah. Ini kuliah apa naik roller coaster? Dinikmati katanya. Apa yang nikmat dari hidup dikejar-kejar tugas dan dibikin malu sama nilai C? ini yang ngomong pasti masokis.

MKM curiga jangan-jangan orang yang ngomong kayak gini, kuliahnya cuma iseng. Cuma buat nyari kesenangan doang. Mereka kalo udah dapet ijazah, ijazahnya dibalikin sambil ngomong, “gak usah repot-repot pak, ijazahnya buat bapak aja. saya kuliah aja udah seneng kog…”

kebanyakan kuliah jadi lama karena lama di skripsi. Salah satu kendalanya adalah dosen pembimbing yang sulit sekali ditemui buat revisi. Nah, inget, makin lama kita gak lulus-lulus, makin banyak kita harus bayar ke kampus. kalo ada dosen yang kayak begini, dan kamu tahu itu dibuat-buat, laporin aja terus tuntut atas undang-undang pemerasan dan percobaan pembunuhan.

MKM baru aja kelar jadi panitia acara kelulusan. This event is awesome. We created a lot of video for this event. And that made me barely sleep. hari ini aja MKM baru bangun jam 1 siang. enak banget… anyway, lulus itu enak lo.. lebih enak daripada kuliah… kenapa gak mau lulus?

Gimana kalo setiap mahasiswa punya pemikiran yang sama? terus pemikiran itu menular ke generasi setelahnya. semua anak SMA juga gak mau lulus UN. lama-lama seluruh orang di dunia ini adalah anak TK.

Jadi luluslah nak.. jangan lama-lama lulus, ntar betah. kalo punya temen yang belum lulus, disemangatin. “Jangan lupa ketemu dosen ya… Skripsimu looo…”

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