#SeninRohani – Desire

Hi readers, again, this is #SeninRohani or you can say Holy Monday, because being holy is not only for Sunday. why late? Internet sucks.

What is the biggest enemy of human? Some Socrates-wannabe say, “The biggest enemy of humanity comes not from the outside, but from the inside” (applause…)

For me, actually human is not fighting with himself. Yes it is, but which part of him? It is the sinful nature. Well, human is weak. Everyone is weak. Even a pastor will “get hard” when a girl like Kim Kardashian strips in front of him.

We need to admit that our world is totally broken. Our morality is decreasing. 90% of teenagers in Indonesia did free sex. 10%? It remains mystery. Most of them who didn’t do free sex are afraid of the consequences, whether it is afraid of pregnancy or afraid of hell. Actually, there are only few of them who really appreciate their mate as God’s creation. Boys nowadays only want to bring their fantasy (of porn) come true.

Well, these things are not new. Prostitution has already existed in the age of our ancestors. So maybe, our gasoline is not only from dinosaur fossils but also from our ancestor’s gangbang residue.

Why does this immoral culture survive for years? It is because sin is limitless. There is no limit of human desire. We always want to have more pleasure.

But we need to remember, human can be limitless, but God is eternal. God’s grace is enough. So, let’s fight sin with the power of God.



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