(Indonesian) Grilled Corn

What did you find after New Year party? First is the smell of gunpowder (the vestige of fireworks). This smell makes your city feel Gaza, full of gun shoot.

Second is the corncob. I don’t know why, but Indonesian like to have a barbeque party in the New Year night. In Java, they grilled the corns. What about in Papua? Maybe they grilled boars. So in the morning, there would be boar remnants everywhere.

In some regions, grilled corn has many tastes. Original = only with butter. Spicy = butter + hot sauce. Chocolate = butter + chocolate milk powder (milo for example). Orange = butter + orange drink powder (nutrisari for example). This is stupid. You buy a corn to taste an orange. Why don’t you buy an orange from the start? It is like you want to be baptized, but when the pastor is up to pour the water upon you, you open an umbrella.

And it is getting worse. Maybe one day they will create another taste: black menthol = butter + tobacco powder. For that flavor, they only burn the edge.

They need to invent a relaxing taste. Rest flavor = the rest of it. The corncob. So they don’t need to grill it.

After the New Year party, we will find corncobs in the street. It is very disturbing. I think, actually we can reuse and recycle it into something except compost fertilizer. Maybe after we eat the grilled corns, we can use the corncob as toy. Fake fang maybe. LIke this:


Or for you who catholic, you can collect the corncobs as much as you can. Tie them up, and then make a big rosary from those things.

Anyway. New Year Party is great. It is a party of God’s providence on earth. Earth has been surrounding the sun for years and earth is still survived. She doesn’t get confused of those maneuvers.

#ShareTheLove #Shalom1Jiwa


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