Love is Sacrifice

Some people bother me with “New Year Wish” that they wish to have a girlfriend in New Year Night. This “girlfriend” thing is the same with “New Year Resolution.” What’s the point of having a resolution if you don’t do anything to accomplish it? What’s the point of having a girlfriend in New Year Night if you can’t hold her until the next New Year?

People said that having a girlfriend is pleasing. It is bullshit! Having a girlfriend is suffering! There are some things that you should know before you start a relationship.

First, the key of relationship is understands each other. This law is not parallel with “girls are hard to understand.” They just don’t have patterns. Math is still understandable. In math problem, if you assume x=3, until the end of the problem x will still be 3. But girl is like this:

Boy: “Where do you want to eat?”
Girl: “Up to you.”
Boy: “What about here?”
Girl: “NO! I don’t want to go there!”

(In her first premise, she said that she would accept any answers. But now, she rejects one answer. In math, this girl is not valid.)

Second, the key of relationship is communication. But girls like to shut their mouth. They don’t need any reason to do that. Sometimes they do that to get your attention. Sometimes they do that because they want to. It is like their hobby.

One day, my girl friend locked her mouth because she was upset. Then she was not upset anymore but she still kept silent. She turned out to forget the password of her mouth.

Third, the key of relationship is trust. But you can’t trust girl’s words.

Boy: “Are you okay?”
Girl: “Yeah.”
Boy: “Whats going on?”
Boy: “Can I help you?”
Girl: “No.”
Boy: “Oh okay.”
Girl: “JUST IT?!!! You are so not sensitive!!!! I HATE YOU!!!!”
Boy: “Did I do something wrong?”
Girl: “NOTHING!!!!!”

Otherwise, even you say the truth, girl would not trust your words.

Girl: “Where have you been? You must been outside with another girl.”
Boy: “I stayed at home.”
Girl: “Oh. You were at home with another girl?”
Boy: “No! I was browsing the internet.”
Girl: “Did you chat with another girl?”
Boy: “No! I was watching Naruto!”
Girl: “Oh, now you’re admiring digital girl?”
Boy: “Naruto is a boy!”
Girl: “OMG you are gay!”

So, having a relationship is about sacrifice. It is not easy. But it is love. Love is sacrifice. Like God sacrifice His Son for us because He loves us. Sacrifice is not pleasing, sacrifice is suffering. But Love is beautiful.

#ShareTheLove #Shalom1Jiwa


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