Sucks Environment

Do you ever hate your circumstance? Do you hate your office? Your school? Your nest? Your cage? Do you ever think to leave that place?

Let say that the most famous comedian in Indonesia: Raditya Dika want to leave his world as author and comedian. He moves to another world (Dunia Lain). Then he creates books: Marmut Merah Darah (bloody Hamster), Kambing Setan (Satanic Goat), Manusia Setengah Rawon (Half Food Human), but it is Spicy-Demonic Rawon (Rawon Setan).

But it is impossible for Radit to leave his world. If he becomes the member of another world, what will happen with his followers? They will become a new religion. The Sect of Raditya Dika Worshipper.

Anyway! What makes people hate their place? The bossy leader? Dirty toilet? Hypocrite co-workers? Or annoying person who always complains about his boss, his co-workers, and his toilet? (which is himself)

Some people think that quit from uncomfortable environment is the way out from their problem. Well, I ever think in the same way. But the truth is, wherever you are, problem will always exist. Problems will follow you badly like college student in the end of the month who desperately chasing for food.

Sometimes you must quit from an environment. But sometimes, you must face that! Sometimes we must endure the pain to gain something. But if you don’t gain anything after that, don’t be mad. That is life. Sometimes life is sucks! Just be thankful that you are alive today!

Quit is an option. But quit is not to run away from the problem. Quit is to make a better decision. Quit doesn’t make you a coward. Quit is about how to make a wise decision.

You can’t quit from some environment such as marriage. Sometimes your wife is difficult. You must endure the pain to get something. But if you don’t get anything from your wife, don’t be mad. That is wife. Sometimes wife is sucks. But a real wife will always be with you to face any problem.

Now, you know that some environment can’t be changed. You know that you can’t quit from certain environment. Then change yourself. Make yourself better for your environment. Make the environment enjoy you and you enjoy them.

For MKM, quit is the last option. Because MKM knows that we have God who makes us able to do anything. Face it! Change it!
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