Poop is Important

HI…. Who is here had played Digimon World 1 in PS one? That is a good game. This game allows you to have a digimon (a monster) as a pet. My favorite part is the poop part (your digimon can poop). This part makes this game realistic. Even GTA is not making poop as a routine requirement to finish the game. In fact, every creature without poop they will die. (one point for poop!)

Okay. Let me make this clear. Tell me, what is your favorite game/movie/novel that has poop as important point? Nothing! In fact, we know that poop is very important for our life. Without poop, we are nothing. Without poop, we will explode because too many waste in our body. (poop wins!)

And in this game, your digimon must poop in a proper way. You need to bring your digimon to toilet (I swear there are some toilets in the game) or you bring your portable potty. If your digimon poop in other places, your hygiene points will be decreased. If your digimon keeps doing that, your digimon will evolve into Sukamon (a poop digimon, literally)


But this game will be very frustrated when your digimon have evolved into Sukamon or Numemon (another dirty digimon). Why? Because they are very weak! You can use it for nothing. The only function of this digimon is to eat your “misplaced” poop. Literally eat that! (which is disgusting)

Your digimon will have a big chance to evolve into Numemon. After I read the walkthrough, I know what the reason is. Your digimon become Numemon because you make all the stats balance. Numemon created because your digimon is not qualified to evolve into other (better) digimon.

It is applicable to our daily life. We become a pro because we are focused on one thing. In fact, we can’t make ourselves good in everything. If we force ourselves to be good at something that we are not good at, it is a waste of time. Like the word of my favorite teacher: if you are not good at math, don’t freak out, it is not the end of the world.

Find your passion and your talent! Then, make sure that you are good at it. Be a pro! Don’t forget to poop!
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