My Ex(es) Part 2

Some days ago (maybe months), I posted an article about my first ex. I will not tell you about all of my ex. Maybe. But this one is special. You must know this story.

Do you remember Farah, who broke up with me after 2 weeks? When I said that it was hard to move on, it means really hard. I did whatever I could to bring her back to my side. I did some moron things like called her with fake number, pretended to accidentally texted her, and even humiliated myself in front of public so she would realize me.

Then, I became a close friend of her best friend. We had one thing in common. She was fall in love with my best friend, and I was fall in love with her best friend. So we discussed a lot to make them be our boy and our girl. That’s why we are so close. We plan everything, just like a war. But whatever we did, we failed.

One day, we felt so tired. We think that we just need somebody to love. So, we decided to love each other. She became my second girlfriend. She has a nice smile. She is so cute and so sweet. Her brown skin reminds me on chocolate that she gave me for valentine. So, in this article, you can call her Choco.

We were so close. It felt like we understand each other. But in fact, I am the one who hurt her. We often broke up. And not for a long time, I came back to her. It is just like pressing “undo” when you made a mistake on your computer. But she was never angry. She always loved me.
I was only a kid, but I know that this is Love. We were so young. We only think how to make the other happy. Our relationship is not about sex or money or pride. Our relationship is about dream. We share our dream together.

Time is my biggest enemy. After I graduated, I moved from Kediri to Malang. It is not too far, 3-4 hours by bus. My school was hard. It is hard for me to keep contact her. Plus, there was something that makes me hard to find a way to go to Kediri until now. It hurts here… in my wallet.
I couldn’t stand seeing her crying and I was not there to wipe her tears. So I decided to leave her. I lied to her that I would enter the ministry and become a pastor. (Do not ever imagine me become a pastor! Maybe you would change your religion after I become a pastor.)

Until now, no one beat her record. I was with her for 1 year and 2 months. We were in Long Distance Relationship for 7 months. This relationship teaches me about faithfulness. She was faithful to me, but I think I was not.

…………………wait… where is the funny part? This is funny blog, why there is no funny part here….?

The funny part is maybe you forget that in this story, we were 10th grader and 8th grader and we were that faithful. Why there are some old people that not faithful with their mate? Many people did affair. There are many divorces. That is funny. Your faithfulness is defeated by this little girl. And if you left your wife because of any reason, you are not better than a 10th grade student.

I want you learn something from Choco. If you decided to love someone, love him/her with all of your heart. Do not regret your decision. Accept him/her as they are. Be a reliable person for him/her. Do not play with Love. Love is sacred, because God is Love.

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