Professional Pervert

Do you ever try to look back to your past? What have you done in your past? Is it ridiculous? MKM just saw the MKM’s old twitter. MKM left it because it was hacked by someone. It can’t be opened until now. MKM saw its bio, and it’s embarrassing. It is written “Humoris dan Mesum” (Humorist and Pervert). Yes. Pervert. MKM is pervert since high school.

Anything, if you practice it daily, you will become better on it. So what do you think reader? Is MKM being more pervert? Maybe the answer is not for you. MKM rarely made pervert joke/story/picture in this blog. But it is a good idea. MKM will make a few pervert jokes in this blog soon.
In real life, MKM is pervert enough. No. MKM is very pervert. But no one here can be perverted. MKM is in dormitory of teacher students.

MKM means, what do you expected from teacher students? They always wear uniform which makes their body covered. So the conclusion is, sexy high school teacher only exist in adult video. Not in real life!

Yes. I don’t know why but Indonesian uniforms usually bad. It makes the ugly more ugly. And sometimes, the uniform of a High School is similar with uniform of Department Store Staff’s uniform. It is embarrassing.

Indonesian should make a better uniform than now. Why don’t we use SWAT uniform to go to school. It’s freaking awesome! then, we can use our Nightvision for cheating at exam. it’s totally awesome!

MKM is still wondering, is there any experience that proofs that MKM was pervert? Well, MKM did many pervert thing in high school. One day, MKM was playing Truth or Dare. When MKM won, MKM asked the lose one (a girl), “What is the color of your panties?” and “How to wear a tampon?” and “Which one is your favorite Bra?” That is not pervert! That is curiosity….

MKM’s pervert talent almost perished here. Yeah. Pervert is a talent. Why? It is because not everyone can be professional pervert. What is professional pervert? Professional perverts is those who can use their pervert-ness for the other sake.

Example: pervert usually have skill to measure boobs size without touching them. Well it’s F*CKING USELESS.

Another example: professional pervert can imagine the color of the underwear without seeing it. And…. It is also MADAFAKA USELESS.

So being pervert is useless! Stop being pervert! Repent on your sin! You pervert!

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