Halloween is Racist

Happy Halloween! I don’t know. Should we happy because of this? I don’t think so. Today is the time of ghost! The time of terror! The time of spooky and creepy thing! And I think we should be scared of it. So, Scary Halloween! Whatever

Here is my idea of Halloween. Halloween is racist for “green” ghost. Why? Because green ghost are usually stupid. Example:

Troll, he is obviously stupid.


Goblin, he is small. His brain size must be not big enough to think.


And Frankenstein, he doesn’t even have a brain!


See, Halloween is racist! Because of Halloween, we think that all green people are bad. In fact, we have Hulk who always be our superhero. He is green and he is not bad! Stop racist to green people!

Now you already know how racist Halloween is. Do you still want to celebrate it? I disagree with you. Let’s celebrate another thing. Like, we have badass female minister who slaps media like sh*t with her tattoo.


She awesome! She is smoking. She has tattoo. And she has a scary face also. If you celebrate this woman, today would be a real HAPPY HALLOWEEN. But if you don’t respect this woman because of her tattoo, it means that you have problem with her skin, it means that you are racist!

Stop being racist! Just be friend with everyone!
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