The Brown Santa

What do you remember about high school? For MKM, there was a pastor who used to teach religion in MKM’s high school. He was brown (his skin and also his “pastoral” outfit). And he had a room in the middle of the school. His room was made of glasses. So, it was like watching a bear in its cage.

He was not a good teacher in the classroom. MKM didn’t get anything from his lesson. He only made joke in the classroom. Even in his final test, his question was a joke! Here is one of his questions:

When Israelites was in the dessert, GOD gave them ……… to eat.
a. Manna bread (Roti Manna, this is the correct one)
b. Roasted bread (Roti Bakar, this is absurd)
c. Bread life (this should be Sari Roti, but to make it English, MKM use other brand)
d. Bread talk (this should be Roti Boy, it is another Indonesian brand too)

We didn’t need to study for his test. His answer is too obvious. Who didn’t get 100 is stupid!

It was him in the classroom. But outside of the classroom, he is a Saint. He was like Santa, but in brown version. He was fat too (but he is good at soccer, I don’t know why). The difference between him and Santa is that Santa always gone after Christmas. But he was always there, in his cage. No. I mean, in his room.

Every morning he came to classrooms and greeted those who had birthday in that day. He prayed for them and gave them blessing. When students did something wrong, he would scold them while saying, “Hei! Setan kau! Bertobatlah!” (Hey! You little demon! Repent on your sins!). They had to kneel and promise to not doing it anymore.

He knew every students by their name (it is always about 1000 students in my high school and he knew them all). Maybe it was because he always scolded somebody every day. If you were his student, maybe your ear would grow longer because he loved to play with your ear.

He was so kind. When student had a trouble, instead to come to the counselor, student prefers to come to him. He was a good listener. Even though he didn’t give any good solution (even he would just mock them), students still want to come to his room, which is like a cage.
This pastor just passed away. One thing that MKM learned from him is to be a Real Christian, talking a lot about bible is not enough. It is better if you never talk about bible but you do what Jesus do. It is my Santa, my brown Santa.

Bye Romo Sixtus. Pray for us. I will make you proud!


#ByeRmSixtus #ShareTheLove #SetanKau

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