Punishment: Cleaning the toilet

MKM admit that MKM is a messy and disgusting person. If you see MKM’s table, it would be like sh*t. There are plastics, unused papers, fossils, etc. It is just too many garbage there. If there is a scavenger came to MKM’s table, he would be a millionaire.
MKM live in a dormitory. MKM’s room is full of people like that. Yes! They are also very messy. Someone in MKM’s room even put all of his stuffs on his bed, and then he sleeps on the floor. It is like he worships his stuffs.
Can you imagine that kind of room? It smells like hell! It is like full of methane gas. So if there is a generator in MKM’s room, maybe it can turn on the light of the whole dormitory.
Every month, our dormitory gives awards for the most clean and neat room. Also, they give punishment for the most mess room. Here is the punishment: the first and second dirty room must clean the toilet. The third must clean the laundry room.
And of course!!!! MKM got number one!!! The dirtiest messiest room…..!!!! YEEEYYY!!!! SMELLL YEAH!!!! And guess what? This is the second punishment we’ve got. YEEEAAAAHH!!!! (sh*t!)
MKM thinks that it is obvious. Why? It is like the room members have a limit of clean. Even though we try harder, maybe we will just get the laundry room. We just simply CAN NOT BE CLEAN AND NEAT.
Anyway. We are room 106. The f*cking thing is that our neighbor, room 105 got the runner up for the most clean and neat room. MKM is suspicius, when they swept their room, they moved the garbage from their room into our room. So they will win and we will lose.
If that is true, MKM will not take revenge. MKM just offer them to have the responsibility together. Let’s clean the toilet together. But of course, our room will have more duty in cleaning the toilet. 106 will supervise and give 105 order, 105 just need to clean the toilet. Just it. 2:1. That is fair!
Well, as a human, we need to realize that we are not perfect. There are many things that we need to work on to be a better person. MKM learnt to be cleaner. You? What will you do? Is there any simple thing that you will do to change your life? MKM challenges you to be a better person!
#ShareTheLove #Shalom1Jiwa #ShareThisBlog


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