I hate spam!

Lately, MKM’s facebook is full of spam. MKM’s friends sent MKM those, accidentally. The spam is like “who are your closest friends?” it’s disgusting! it annoyed MKM. Thanks for that, MKM can’t promote my new post in facebook because MKM’s post drown in those spam! Thank you!

Now, do you really believe that you can judge which is your true friend through stupid madafaka machine? This spam will never occur on your facebook if you don’t try the apps. But, once you try, you will disturb your “5 top best friends” with your tag and post which is very annoying. And now, MKM sees that many people send their friend those things which means many people try that apps which means many people believe on that sh*t.


Are you that depressed?Are you that lonely? then, you are looking for your true friend…. well it is alay… MKM can’t find the English of alay. But you are alay when you keep doing stupid unimportant things and you think that it is funny while in fact it is creepy and annoying!

there are many Alay in MKM’s dorm. Those who tried to find who is their future husband/wife, when they will die, their next job, the movie that similar with their life THROUGH FACEBOOK APPS. do you really believe on that apps? it is heretic!

If you have friend, and that friend’s mouth is beside your ears, and he keeps talking about the same thing, even it is a good thing such as “You are my best friend, you are my best friend, you are my best friend” six times per hour, you will hate him don’t you? that is how your spam works! FIX IT!!! for God Sake!

Stop being alay guys. it is not healthy for your society. one alay in society is like virus. it ruins all society. and it is worse than ebola or HIV. it kills the society.

MKM 100% sure that all your 5 best friend should be hate you since you sent them those spam. you need apologize to them. Give them gift. a real gift, not ninja saga gift (which is alay too).

be normal guys. don’t be alay!

#ShareTheLove #ShareThisBlog #Shalom1Jiwa



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