Things that worth to try if you were an Indigo

Do you know about indigo? Indigo is a talent that makes you have some supernatural powers (MKM, 2014). Some said that indigo people can see the ghost, read the future, and read the newspaper. But, they are not dangerous as long as they are not doing fire bending and conquer the world.
MKM thinks that become an indigo is interesting. Some said that become an indigo is a burden. But now, MKM has things that worth to try if you are an indigo. Check it out.
1. Ghost-flirting
Indigo usually can see the ghost. And usually, ghosts are passive creature (creature? Whatever). That will be boring. So, maybe you can attract them by wink at them. Or you can have a selfie with them. Or maybe you can ask them some questions such as, “Is your dad a police?” (Papa kamu polisi ya?).
2. Writing a ghost biography
Some indigo said that they were followed by ghost. MKM thinks it is because you guys are too defensive. Try to be the offensive one! Follow the ghost! And write a biography of that ghost! You can give the title like: “Daily Life of Pocong” or “Tuyul: I wanna go to School” or “Like Mother Like Kunti.” Or you can make this book: “The Truth Revealed” by following the ghost of Soeharto.
3. Ngepet
Ngepet is when someone transform his human form into animal (in Indonesia, pig is the best choice, I don’t know why). For Indigo, doing such a thing should be easy. Indonesian people usually do this to steal from someone else. So, if indigo do this, they will be very rich. But, there are some people that already ngepet everyday but not getting rich. Apparently, they steal from their own wallet.
4. Sell the test questions
Some indigo have ability to see the future. use that ability to see your next test questions. you can sell it. you save the society! sell the wrong question to your enemy. you win the competition!
Anyway. become an indigo is hard. this article is just for fun, no offense. if you have an indigo friend, support him. he needs you. cie…..
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