Jokowi – A New Hope

Say hello to the new President of Indonesia. Uwuwuwu…. Mr. JOKOWI!!!! With JOKOWI-JK as our leader, at least schools don’t need to buy the photo of Pak JK for the classroom. Schools can use photos from last 5 years.
Jokowi is a great phenomenon. Because of Jokowi, our rupiah is growing stronger. MKM think that Jokowi is one of few president/King that very loved by his people. People with a pleasure give Jokowi money and stuff to have a campaign and celebration. It is different with other leader. The other gave people money so the people will elect him.
There was a party to celebrate this moment. There were more than 1 million foods distributed by Tukang Bakso. (Sh*t. that’s why I hate English) what is the English of tukang bakso? Meatball engineer? (google translate). No! bakso and meatball are different. I think bakso will still be bakso. So? Bakso seller? That’s weird. Let it be tukang bakso. Tukang baksos. Because it is plural.
Baksos? Baksos is Indonesian acronym for Bakti Sosial. It means giving what they have for society. Yeah! Tukang baksos is the right word.
Anyway! People love Jokowi so much. To fix Indonesia, Jokowi needs to defeat many difficult enemies in 5 years. And most of the enemies are from the inside. If this were a game, this is Final Fantasy but there is a time limit like Harvest Moon. The bad news is the one who will use cheat (such as game shark) is the enemy, not Jokowi.
SBY has done his duty well. Not very well, but enough to give us many lessons. Hope that Jokowi will be a better leader than SBY. MKM is disappointed with SBY. He is not brave enough to start a war with Malaysia. Instead of it, he let Malaysia stole from Indonesia. So Jokowi, MKM hopes that you will give Malaysia a lesson. You can start with kidnap Upin and Ipin.
Let us support this new government. Let’s pray for them. Let’s help them to create a better Indonesia. #ShareTheLove #ShareThisBlog #Shalom1Jiwa #IndonesiaBaru



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