MKM and English

this blog is half dead. literally. It seems like MKM left this blog for long time. writing is a good habit, just like sport. if you make it routine, your brain will be shaped. sixpack. literally. now, MKM will tell you about MKM’s last practicum. “Hey!!! You’ve told us about that!!!!” (Says some readers). now, MKM will tell you more about that. how? disappointed? close the tab already!

MKM feels sorry to all Indonesian that study at International school. well, those are great schools, but somehow, being in those schools make you forget about Indonesia. You will rarely use Bahasa Indonesia to talk with your friends. You will use English for everything, even for singing National Anthems.

Well, MKM is an English-hater. not because MKM can’t speak English well. But it is because English make everything expensive. “Es teh” will only cost 5.000 rupiah max (in some remote area “Es teh” is only 1.000 rupiah). but “Ice Tea” cost AT LEAST 10.000. it is twice than the “Bahasa version”!!!!! twice is a big deal!!!!!

English also makes many things become complicated. MKM will prove you that Bahasa Indonesia is more simple.

Javanesse salad —–> Gado-gado
Javanesse salad with nut sauce —–> PecelJavanesse salad with nut sauce + rice —–> Nasi pecel
Javanesse fruit salad —–> Rujak
Thin noodle with nut sauce ——> Ketoprak
Black meat soup —–> Rawon
Honey Milk Egg Cocktail + Ginger —–> STMJ
Strong Black Coffee —-> Kopi
Black Coffee —–> Kopi
Brown Coffee ——> Kopi

See! Bahasa Indonesia is not that bad. Bahasa Indonesia is adorable. you must love and learn about it. It is okay to learn about other language, such as English, NIhon, Tagalog, Sanskirt, Mayans, Aliens, etc. But, love your country. Fix Indonesia! #ShareTheIdea #ShareTheLove #Shalom1Jiwa

ou yeah! English is Expensive. That is why MKM start to write in English. my article become expensive. hahahaha

regards, The MKM


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