Halloween is Racist

Happy Halloween! I don’t know. Should we happy because of this? I don’t think so. Today is the time of ghost! The time of terror! The time of spooky and creepy thing! And I think we should be scared of it. So, Scary Halloween! Whatever Here is my idea of Halloween. Halloween is racist for … More Halloween is Racist

The Brown Santa

What do you remember about high school? For MKM, there was a pastor who used to teach religion in MKM’s high school. He was brown (his skin and also his “pastoral” outfit). And he had a room in the middle of the school. His room was made of glasses. So, it was like watching a … More The Brown Santa

I hate spam!

Lately, MKM’s facebook is full of spam. MKM’s friends sent MKM those, accidentally. The spam is like “who are your closest friends?” it’s disgusting! it annoyed MKM. Thanks for that, MKM can’t promote my new post in facebook because MKM’s post drown in those spam! Thank you! Now, do you really believe that you can … More I hate spam!