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(Expensive) Highschool

Hello guys. This is me again. Most of you will ask me, where is “My Ex part 2?” Why are you so curious about my creepy past? If you want to hear about a sad story, just make it by yourself. Have a girlfriend, and then broke up with her. Simple!
This week I begin my first practicum. I am observing a teacher in SPH Kemang. Yeah guys. You should google that school. It is awesome!
The first impressions of my friends are: “Oh? You are in Kemang. Your English must be very good.” “Congratulations! You will meet some beautiful bule!” but my first opinion about being in Kemang was, “Sh*t! I’m must wake up earlier!”
The distance between Kemang and Karawaci is far enough. It needs an hour. So, I and my group departed from my dorm at 5 am (that is still dark). And you know what? Our driver is like old guy with scary face. In the car I thought, “I am kidnapped.”
Then, I arrived at SPH Kemang, a school behind a mall. In the front gate, guards (it is plural, they are many of them) opened our door and guided us in. I felt like in the movie when I have a business with Yakuza. There are so many guards everywhere.
Then we meet the boss and we deliver the package. And then we leave the building. Not for a long time, the building is exploded (I’m just kidding. Just skip this paragraph. It is lame).
I met a cozy teacher there named Mr. DJ. So he is like “3M – Male, Math, Music.” He is very genius. He is a big fan of pokemon. He usually gives a lame question for the last question of his test. Example: If you could change your name, what would it be? Why? If you could have a pokemon for a long life companion, what would it be? Why?
And I found something interesting. Half of the students there are Koreans. They live in Indonesia and adapt very well. The proof is, they already know and like Indomie. Most of them say that indomie is good and yummy. So, this is my suggestion for the government. We can defeat Koreans economy by exporting the Indomie there.
Anyway. SPH Kemang is very interesting. It makes me want to teach there when I’m graduated. I have one quote that I learned from my observation. Be honest. Do not be hypocrite. Do not become someone else to show your best. Be yourself and love everyone.
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My ex part 1

The first time I heard the word ex is when I was 7 years old (I think). The ex is in ex-veemon. It is the name of my favorite digimon. You must watch it.

I am a handsome guy. Of course, I had some girlfriends. That means I have some exes. Exes? I mean the plural form of ex. I think it is the right spelling. If you flip the word, it becomes sexe. You can read that as sex-e, the same spelling with sexy. So, “exes” means the antonym of sexy. Yeah. All my exes become not sexy when they broke up with me.

In Indonesia, relationships between boys and girls are very complicated. They are dating, but they say that they are just friend (really close friend, almost dating friend, or in Indonesia: TTM –teman tapi mesra). Some say that their relationship is like brother and sister (unrelated sibling or in Indonesia: kakak adek an).

So my relationship was also complicated. I think the first “legal” girlfriend that I had is Farah (it is not a real name). It happened when I was in 9 grades. She was in 7 grades. We are in Kediri (a small town in East Java).

We knew each other from facebook. She added me as her friend. Since then, our unstable souls started the conversation through chat and liked each other status. It was awkward to meet her in real life. But I was happy to know her.

It is a reckless decision to ask her dating. But I did it. She accepted me. And we were happy, for a while. Our relationship only survived for 2…. Months? Haha… of course not! 2 weeks, ladies and gentlemen!!!

I spent my days to questioning “why?” all are answered when not a long time after I broke up, she was dating someone else. Yes, that guy was handsome, rich, cool, and totally defeat me in everything. The answer is clear. I am ugly, and she is kind of b*tchy.

It is hard to move on. But slowly, I can. The point is not why are you broke up, but what is the lesson that you got from your last relationship. Do not regret your decision, but be careful in make a decision. There is no decision unimportant.


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