My English is Bad

I get the highest English test score in my class. You must be thinking that I am genius. You are wrong! My English is bad!

My English is bad because my English is Medhok English. Medhok English is English that polluted by Javanese. So when I spoke English, it became like this: “Readhing” “Mblendhing” “Decodhing” “Madhing” “Gendhing”

You must be asking, “MKM, how did you learn English?” Well, I started learn English since I was in elementary school. I started with give my name an additional name. When elementary school boys were in elementary school, they gave a random name to their name. For examples: Adit Shadow, Budi Blaster, Knight Imran, Yadi Sink, Upi Chimney, Agus Garage, Khusnul Bathroom.

Why they choose that names? Maybe because the TV program that they watch was Power Rangers. They named their name with the Power Ranger’s weapons, or enemies, or things that they broke.

I will become a teacher. I will teach my students in English. It is hard for me. When I say things in English and I am wrong, my students will laughed at me. When they are n I wrong, I can’t correct them. Then I will give up and back using Javanese.

But I am sure that I am not the worst English user. The worst English user is Vicky Prasetyo. What Vicky did is not translating Bahasa into English. What he did is Englishisasi Bahasa.

So don’t be shy if your English is bad. My English is worse than yours. Don’t give up in learning English. English is useful. English is good. Shalom Satu Jiwa


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