This Is For You – Ini Buat Kamu

Okay readers, this is an English article. If you don’t understand, that means your English is bad. But if you are sure your English is good and you still don’t understand, that means MKM’s English is bad. Sorry. But MKM already write this article in Bahasa, so you can enjoy the other one too.

Boys usually give a present to girls to get her heart. MKM disagree with this. It seems like the boys buy the heart of girls with gift. Boys, please realize, they are human, not KFC. You can’t just give your money and get your meal.

Boys said, flower is a symbol of love. No! Flower is symbol of death. That is why when someone die, we put flowers on his grave. Then why you give flower to a girl? Do you hope your girl can rest in peace? Do you want your girl to die?

Boys often give doll to a girl. They said, “Take care of this doll. You may sense my presence in this doll.” So, you transfer your spirit into that doll? That’s like a voodoo. How dare you to give such a present to your girl?

And girls, you often believe it! Now you give that doll a special place in your room. You watch that doll every night. When you lost the doll you will be very mad. Why you become such a heretic person? We, normal people think that, you made a new religion: The Order of Teddy Bear Worshipers.

This sentence is the special weapon of boys: “I prepared to die for you.” So, you offer your life to your girl? For your information, in Aztec, people usually offer their body to God of Sun. I don’t know what is your religion, but if you are offer your life to something that not God, you are committing a sin. Except you are an Aztec.

Well. St. Theresia Liseux said, “If you love somebody, do a little thing with a great love.” That’s for you, boys.

I know my English is bad, but at least i am not afraid to use it. Mistakes are the way to learn. My name is Adit MKM. Follow my twitter @AditMKM. Like this blog, Dunia MKM via facebook. Syalom Satu Jiwa.


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