I hate spam!

Lately, MKM’s facebook is full of spam. MKM’s friends sent MKM those, accidentally. The spam is like “who are your closest friends?” it’s disgusting! it annoyed MKM. Thanks for that, MKM can’t promote my new post in facebook because MKM’s post drown in those spam! Thank you!

Now, do you really believe that you can judge which is your true friend through stupid madafaka machine? This spam will never occur on your facebook if you don’t try the apps. But, once you try, you will disturb your “5 top best friends” with your tag and post which is very annoying. And now, MKM sees that many people send their friend those things which means many people try that apps which means many people believe on that sh*t.


Are you that depressed?Are you that lonely? then, you are looking for your true friend…. well it is alay… MKM can’t find the English of alay. But you are alay when you keep doing stupid unimportant things and you think that it is funny while in fact it is creepy and annoying!

there are many Alay in MKM’s dorm. Those who tried to find who is their future husband/wife, when they will die, their next job, the movie that similar with their life THROUGH FACEBOOK APPS. do you really believe on that apps? it is heretic!

If you have friend, and that friend’s mouth is beside your ears, and he keeps talking about the same thing, even it is a good thing such as “You are my best friend, you are my best friend, you are my best friend” six times per hour, you will hate him don’t you? that is how your spam works! FIX IT!!! for God Sake!

Stop being alay guys. it is not healthy for your society. one alay in society is like virus. it ruins all society. and it is worse than ebola or HIV. it kills the society.

MKM 100% sure that all your 5 best friend should be hate you since you sent them those spam. you need apologize to them. Give them gift. a real gift, not ninja saga gift (which is alay too).

be normal guys. don’t be alay!

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Things that worth to try if you were an Indigo

Do you know about indigo? Indigo is a talent that makes you have some supernatural powers (MKM, 2014). Some said that indigo people can see the ghost, read the future, and read the newspaper. But, they are not dangerous as long as they are not doing fire bending and conquer the world.
MKM thinks that become an indigo is interesting. Some said that become an indigo is a burden. But now, MKM has things that worth to try if you are an indigo. Check it out.
1. Ghost-flirting
Indigo usually can see the ghost. And usually, ghosts are passive creature (creature? Whatever). That will be boring. So, maybe you can attract them by wink at them. Or you can have a selfie with them. Or maybe you can ask them some questions such as, “Is your dad a police?” (Papa kamu polisi ya?).
2. Writing a ghost biography
Some indigo said that they were followed by ghost. MKM thinks it is because you guys are too defensive. Try to be the offensive one! Follow the ghost! And write a biography of that ghost! You can give the title like: “Daily Life of Pocong” or “Tuyul: I wanna go to School” or “Like Mother Like Kunti.” Or you can make this book: “The Truth Revealed” by following the ghost of Soeharto.
3. Ngepet
Ngepet is when someone transform his human form into animal (in Indonesia, pig is the best choice, I don’t know why). For Indigo, doing such a thing should be easy. Indonesian people usually do this to steal from someone else. So, if indigo do this, they will be very rich. But, there are some people that already ngepet everyday but not getting rich. Apparently, they steal from their own wallet.
4. Sell the test questions
Some indigo have ability to see the future. use that ability to see your next test questions. you can sell it. you save the society! sell the wrong question to your enemy. you win the competition!
Anyway. become an indigo is hard. this article is just for fun, no offense. if you have an indigo friend, support him. he needs you. cie…..
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Jokowi – A New Hope

Say hello to the new President of Indonesia. Uwuwuwu…. Mr. JOKOWI!!!! With JOKOWI-JK as our leader, at least schools don’t need to buy the photo of Pak JK for the classroom. Schools can use photos from last 5 years.
Jokowi is a great phenomenon. Because of Jokowi, our rupiah is growing stronger. MKM think that Jokowi is one of few president/King that very loved by his people. People with a pleasure give Jokowi money and stuff to have a campaign and celebration. It is different with other leader. The other gave people money so the people will elect him.
There was a party to celebrate this moment. There were more than 1 million foods distributed by Tukang Bakso. (Sh*t. that’s why I hate English) what is the English of tukang bakso? Meatball engineer? (google translate). No! bakso and meatball are different. I think bakso will still be bakso. So? Bakso seller? That’s weird. Let it be tukang bakso. Tukang baksos. Because it is plural.
Baksos? Baksos is Indonesian acronym for Bakti Sosial. It means giving what they have for society. Yeah! Tukang baksos is the right word.
Anyway! People love Jokowi so much. To fix Indonesia, Jokowi needs to defeat many difficult enemies in 5 years. And most of the enemies are from the inside. If this were a game, this is Final Fantasy but there is a time limit like Harvest Moon. The bad news is the one who will use cheat (such as game shark) is the enemy, not Jokowi.
SBY has done his duty well. Not very well, but enough to give us many lessons. Hope that Jokowi will be a better leader than SBY. MKM is disappointed with SBY. He is not brave enough to start a war with Malaysia. Instead of it, he let Malaysia stole from Indonesia. So Jokowi, MKM hopes that you will give Malaysia a lesson. You can start with kidnap Upin and Ipin.
Let us support this new government. Let’s pray for them. Let’s help them to create a better Indonesia. #ShareTheLove #ShareThisBlog #Shalom1Jiwa #IndonesiaBaru


MKM and English

this blog is half dead. literally. It seems like MKM left this blog for long time. writing is a good habit, just like sport. if you make it routine, your brain will be shaped. sixpack. literally. now, MKM will tell you about MKM’s last practicum. “Hey!!! You’ve told us about that!!!!” (Says some readers). now, MKM will tell you more about that. how? disappointed? close the tab already!

MKM feels sorry to all Indonesian that study at International school. well, those are great schools, but somehow, being in those schools make you forget about Indonesia. You will rarely use Bahasa Indonesia to talk with your friends. You will use English for everything, even for singing National Anthems.

Well, MKM is an English-hater. not because MKM can’t speak English well. But it is because English make everything expensive. “Es teh” will only cost 5.000 rupiah max (in some remote area “Es teh” is only 1.000 rupiah). but “Ice Tea” cost AT LEAST 10.000. it is twice than the “Bahasa version”!!!!! twice is a big deal!!!!!

English also makes many things become complicated. MKM will prove you that Bahasa Indonesia is more simple.

Javanesse salad —–> Gado-gado
Javanesse salad with nut sauce —–> PecelJavanesse salad with nut sauce + rice —–> Nasi pecel
Javanesse fruit salad —–> Rujak
Thin noodle with nut sauce ——> Ketoprak
Black meat soup —–> Rawon
Honey Milk Egg Cocktail + Ginger —–> STMJ
Strong Black Coffee —-> Kopi
Black Coffee —–> Kopi
Brown Coffee ——> Kopi

See! Bahasa Indonesia is not that bad. Bahasa Indonesia is adorable. you must love and learn about it. It is okay to learn about other language, such as English, NIhon, Tagalog, Sanskirt, Mayans, Aliens, etc. But, love your country. Fix Indonesia! #ShareTheIdea #ShareTheLove #Shalom1Jiwa

ou yeah! English is Expensive. That is why MKM start to write in English. my article become expensive. hahahaha

regards, The MKM

(Expensive) Highschool

Hello guys. This is me again. Most of you will ask me, where is “My Ex part 2?” Why are you so curious about my creepy past? If you want to hear about a sad story, just make it by yourself. Have a girlfriend, and then broke up with her. Simple!
This week I begin my first practicum. I am observing a teacher in SPH Kemang. Yeah guys. You should google that school. It is awesome!
The first impressions of my friends are: “Oh? You are in Kemang. Your English must be very good.” “Congratulations! You will meet some beautiful bule!” but my first opinion about being in Kemang was, “Sh*t! I’m must wake up earlier!”
The distance between Kemang and Karawaci is far enough. It needs an hour. So, I and my group departed from my dorm at 5 am (that is still dark). And you know what? Our driver is like old guy with scary face. In the car I thought, “I am kidnapped.”
Then, I arrived at SPH Kemang, a school behind a mall. In the front gate, guards (it is plural, they are many of them) opened our door and guided us in. I felt like in the movie when I have a business with Yakuza. There are so many guards everywhere.
Then we meet the boss and we deliver the package. And then we leave the building. Not for a long time, the building is exploded (I’m just kidding. Just skip this paragraph. It is lame).
I met a cozy teacher there named Mr. DJ. So he is like “3M – Male, Math, Music.” He is very genius. He is a big fan of pokemon. He usually gives a lame question for the last question of his test. Example: If you could change your name, what would it be? Why? If you could have a pokemon for a long life companion, what would it be? Why?
And I found something interesting. Half of the students there are Koreans. They live in Indonesia and adapt very well. The proof is, they already know and like Indomie. Most of them say that indomie is good and yummy. So, this is my suggestion for the government. We can defeat Koreans economy by exporting the Indomie there.
Anyway. SPH Kemang is very interesting. It makes me want to teach there when I’m graduated. I have one quote that I learned from my observation. Be honest. Do not be hypocrite. Do not become someone else to show your best. Be yourself and love everyone.
#ShareTheLove #Salam1Jiwa


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